INTEND 2nd project meeting in Berlin 24-25/ 01/2018

The second INTEND project meeting took place in Berlin between 24th and 25th January 2018 and was hosted by Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) at the university’s facilities.

The meeting’s main objective was to demonstrate progress during the project’s first four months and present preliminary results from the upcoming deliverables of WP2 (Mapping the futures of transport) and WP3 (Identification of future challenges). Specifically, early results regarding the future transport technologies were presented for WP 2 (Task 2.1), showing what technologies have been researched by EU and international sponsored transport research as well as roadmaps. Discussions were also made regarding the presentation of the results in D 2.1. The research methodology approach for D 2.3 political imperatives was also demonstrated presenting early gaps in literature.

In addition, results regarding megatrends for WP3 (Task 3.1) were presented, divided into passenger and freight transport across the four modes. Furthermore, the webinar and survey platforms (part of WP3) that will be used to extract feedback regarding future technologies, global megatrends and political imperatives for WP 4, were demonstrated to the consortium partners.  Finally, preliminary findings from WP4 were presented, showing more cutting-edge technologies and future directions of the transport industry sector.

Special attention was given to organization of the mid term review of the project in Brussels on May, where the consortium will demonstrate findings and receive feedback about its final results from EU officials. Part of the dissemination discussions was also the participation of the INTEND project in a parallel session at the International Conferences on Traffic and Transport Engineering that will take place in Belgrade on the 27-28 September 2018. The final project conference will be hosted under the ICTTE conference where the project results will be presented to the audience and guest experts.


The next INTEND project meeting will take place in 21-22nd June in Greece and will be hosted by CERTH.



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