INTEND at 4th Conference on Sustainable Mobility 2018 Skiathos, Greece

INTEND consortium members from CUE, FTTE and CERTH participated in the 4th Conference on Sustainable Mobility ( ) that was held in Skiathos, Greece during 24-25 May 2018. Two papers were presented covering results from the project about future transport technologies and megatrends. Both papers and presentations are available at the Publications section.


  • Megatrends, a way to intentify the future transport challenges  by Vladislav Maras, Mirjana Bugarinovic, Eleni Anoyrkati and Alba Lina Avarello
  • Future technologies in the EU transport sector and beyond: an outlook of 2020-2035  by Alkiviadis Tromaras, Aggelos Aggelakakis, Merja Hoppe, Thomas Trachsel and Eleni Anoyrkati







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