The official Kick Off Meeting of INTEND took place at Coventry on the 18th and 19th October 2017 hosted by the coordinator(CUE) at Coventry University’s newly built National Transport Design Centre.

The meeting commenced with an introduction of Coventry University Enterprise Ltd (CUE) by Deputy Director Mr Steve Shorthouse followed by an introduction of the National Transport Design Centre by Mr David Wright, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Coventry University.

The project coordinator Mrs. Eleni Anoyrkati initiated the project’s meeting welcoming the project partners and explaining the projects aims.

Representatives from all project partners CUE, CERTH, FTTE, TUB, ZHAW introduced their organisations and their role in the INTEND project. The INTEND consortium brings in expertise from past futurology projects spanning from five different countries (UK, EL, RS, DE, CH). The Kick Off Meeting served as an event to demonstrate the methodologies that will be used in the project and allocate responsibilities for each consortium partner for the different work packages.

The INTEND project in its 1 year duration, aims to deliver a comprehensive study on the research needs and priorities if the transport sector, across all modes, through systematic data collection. INTEND will identify a) future transport technologies (with an outlook of 2020-2035), b) political imperatives for the uptake of future technologies, c) socio-economic megatrends and d) future mobility concepts with the purpose of producing a future EU research agenda that will reinforce future competitiveness of the EU transport sector.

All information related to the project can be found on the newly established project homepage:

Eleni Anoyrkati (Project Coordinator)

Alkiviadis Tromaras

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