SCORE Project Final Conference 15 March 2018 Brussels

SCORE Final Conference

taking place at

Fondation Universitaire (Rue d’Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium)


15 March 2018 10.00-16.00.



The Coordination and Support Action “Scoreboard of Competitiveness of the European Transport Manufacturing Industry” (SCORE) explores, assesses and forecasts how progress in research and development, new innovative technologies and future demand changes in combination with forthcoming geopolitical and geo-economic developments will affect the global competitive position of the European transport manufacturing industry. The analyses focuses on the four major transport manufacturing industry’s segments automotive, aeronautical, ship-building and rail rolling stock and has a time horizon up to 2030 (and partly to 2050). Based on these assessments, several development scenarios were elaborated in order to compare competitiveness evolution for each of the industry segments. The findings are summarized and visualized in a so called scoreboard that indicates in an easily accessible way the current and future competitive position of the European transport manufacturing industries compared to their global rivals. You can find additional information on the project website.

The main goal of the conference is to present and discuss the project’s results with a broad audience including the Industrial Advisory Board, representatives from the European Commission as well as further stakeholders. During the conference one session will be exclusively dedicated to sharing and discussing results with coordinators of other European projects as well as stakeholders from European Technology Platforms in order for them to receive input for their further work and activities and to increase future collaboration. An additional highlight will be the presentation and discussion of the results of the expert survey for which we received about 70 responses from experts across all transport modes.


You may indicate your participation until 19 February 2018 to the project coordinator .

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